Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That's some hope for U...2009

when i was surfing the net, i found something...that may change your life...i mean better... But actually the most important things is your point of view... If you always think that you are the one whose luck is very good everyday, You will be the one who is the luckiest... so think for the brighter way... and trust yourself
i don't know whether the following information is true... so...
Decorate this sector with a vase of growing plants filled with water in your bedroom to enhance both romance & academic endeavors.

Place a table lamp or install a light bulb in the East sector of your living hall or office to improve financial luck. You can also place a cup of water to increase both your financial luck and attract helpful people. 

Place your own photographs or items made of metal in this sector of your room or office to improve both career luck and business deal. In addition, place a cup of water besides to increase financial luck.

You may place a metal clock or Wind chimes that is associated with metal element in this location. This is also a sector that develops good human relationships and romance.

This location indicates accidents, illness and bad luck of all kinds. Decorate this sector with items that are associated with metal element to suppress its negative energy.

This location indicates accidents, illness. Decorate this sector with items that are associated with metal element to suppress its negative energy.

Locations that brings gossip, accidents, financial losses, burglary and robbery. Avoid placing items associated with metal element in this sector. You may place a bowl of water to weaken its negative force and at the same time, enhance personal luck especially for sales oriented individual.

Locations that is associated with human conflict / poor relationship. You may place a Standing Lamp that represent fire to weaken its disturbance force
LUCKY COLOUR:  red , yellow
!!!!remember, always think that you are the one and the only one who is the best in the world!


  1. eh eh... where is the place to enhance study? hehe... oh yea... you can start the habit of stating reference or sources in your post when you took the idea somewhere. That's a good start!

  2. i heard that south...i mean this year la south is the best.... everything about south is good for this year ...so S'pore suit u lol...

  3. ooh... yay...AHHH... my study is oso facing south and is situated at the South of my room!

  4. eh... thanks for those post abt feng shui leh... I am searching but can't find much.