Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sister already go back .... T.T

sister just left Malaysia and our family yesterday... she only accompanied us for only few days... but extremely meaningful...

We share our time together and share our experience... When we are eating or drinking or watching TV or visiting our relatives and whenever what i do, we just talk and chat... we talk about the lifestyle in the university... most of the things that she told me were so funny... but what we concern was not the stories that she told... but each other...

Home without her is not a home... it's just a house and just a building...with dried atmosphere ...

Home is not only the concrete that protect the family members... it also contain a lot of family love.... the most potent thing in this world...

i miss her so much... home without her voice... everything is so silent....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reunion ....

HAPpy ChinEse NeW YEaR lol...

My heart leapt sky high when i saw my sister came back from Singapore... She took a lot of bags... but nothing inside... i ask her why... do you know what she say? OHOH!!! " i want to take back lots of food ma..."she said. At that time, i nearly faint...

Reunion hearty and sumptuous.. when i saw the food, my heart was throbbed with immoderate desire.. and i could not control my saliva gland .. My mum prepare all the food and we just prepare the cutlery and drinks... 

Then, we enjoy eating lol.. so delicious and tasty..There were 11 dishes and they were main course... piece de 2 types of fish, 1 type of prawn, 1 type of sotong, 2.5 types of vegetables, 3.5 types of meat and 1 soup...  then, i drink cocktail and OX... but just a little bit...however, i felt sleepy after dinner... oh, mybe i am not the frontline of the beer world... ya... my parent did not allow me and my sister to drink beer or vine... But when i was going to switch on my TV, i saw my mum already sleep on the sofa... haha...

i still remember my teacher who teach me sejarah, said that everyone should drink beer since we were small coz people will not take the chance on us after we become drunk.. so, she feed her baby beer...

Then, we pray to the GOD

.. and now i realise the importance of reunion dinner... everyone meet together.. we more focus on talking... enhance good relationship between family members... if you were there, you will really be touched.. no matter what we eat and what we drink are not the main actor on that day.. only the atmosphere is the main actor... the loving atmosphere... the family love... the most powerful thing in the world is LOVE... love can be divided into various of love... but the most vital Love before marriage is family love.... hence try to go back during CNY or holiday... mum and dad just want to see your face... so always think about your parent first... don't let them cry...  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Chinese New Year is around the corner lol... 


I everday rush here rush there to buy things ... and now i could feel the pain at my backbone... and now i need rest! 

i help my mum and dad to but a lot and lots of things....Go pacific la, shop that i don't know its name la.... the receipt is so long.... i think it is longer than a metre ruler....U can't imagine it!! and i have to pull the trolley everywhere in the supermarket... wow...i can't stand for it...too heavy....

Don't talk about soft drink.... one who came to my house be4 know what i am going to say.... i can't take photo for u ...coz my camera is not here now... so, u have to imagine it and this may help u in ur imagination skill...

But this year, it sounds very .. i mean so quiet... maybe inflation...? last year, i could still remember all the neighbours play their chinese new year song as loud as they was just like competition...whose volume is the highest and he/she will become the front-line of the TAMAN... 

Happy tree friends movie...

It's so intereting... i found that it is so ... after someone tell me this movie, and you can go to YouTube...


Flippin' Burgers

Snip Snip Hooray!

Concrete Solution (Part 1)

(Part II)

 We're Scrooged

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

haPpy TReE frienDs

Baby, baby, don't come here....18SX no la....coz too horror la...

when i saw this game, i thought that this game is very childish....but when i try it, i... i don't know what should i say... the cartoon is cute(but actually not cute la), but ... ...

Try this and plat it... try all coz some games are not obvious  you will know what i am going to say... you can see the picture above and you can't imagine it!! 

Feng Shui Bedroom for Teens

Study.... haiz...

Before Chinese New Year, we have to change somethings or 'kick out' the 'rubbish= bad things la' from our house... i see this too when i am playing games... maybe useful? don't know... the same sentence... i don't know whether it is true or no... For teenagers, hard work is the most important thing lol... hehe... the following may help you...You know la... more than 75% of Chinese love and believe in Feng Shui... As a evidence, all my classmates discuss feng shui everyday and they never feel bored about see... now i can't escape their influence... and you  can see it, i write so much about feng shui

okok...let's start our journey... 

You can go here also...coz more original and u will know more =>  Feng shui

Feng shui is a wonderful way to create improvements in your life simply by aligning the items in your bedroom. These can include your bed, your desk or computer, even your stereo.

Feng shui is a wonderful way to create improvements in your life simply by aligning the items in your bedroom. You might even find a new love as a result! Use these tips to get your room in harmony with your life.

Important Basic Feng Shui Bedroom Do's and Don'ts

DO use a compass

Stand in the middle of the room and hold the compass level and waist-high. Then make a diagram of your room, creating nine squares. Put the correct direction on each square. Now you are ready to move the items according to compass or your personal auspicious directions.

Give yourself a mini-space clearing

--If you decide to use feng shui in your room, then clear out all unnecessary items and junk from your drawers, closet, and under the bed.

--Clean thoroughly by vacuuming, dusting and washing windows, ceiling fans, etc.

--Now you're ready to feng shui your room, but follow the DON'Ts below:


Don't have open book shelves opposite your bed or behind you as you study. These act like knives and will encourage people "talking behind your back."

Don't have water or pictures of water (this aggravates asthma, allergies, and can encourage respiratory or sinus problems). So take out the Zen fountain or fish tank.

Don't have plants in the bedroom. Plants use up body energy in your bedroom.

BED DOs and DON'Ts

DO make sure it has the widest view of the room and entryway so you can see the door easily

DO try to sleep with the top of your head pointing in one of your personal feng shui directions (see below)

DO have a solid wall behind it (or at least curtains) vs. a window

DO make sure you cannot see a bathroom, toilet, or stairs from the bed

DON'T have the bed against a shared wall of a bathroom or toilet

DON'T have a mirror or television that reflects the bed

DON'T have your feet point out the door from your bed

Using personal feng shui: Having your head pointed in one of your auspicious directions (AD) is one of the best ways to tap good luck. Click here to calculate your personal feng shui directions. This link will tell you what directions are the best for you. Even if your room is in the Southwest portion of the house and this is not a good direction for you, you can still orient your bed so that your head points in one of your good directions.


DO try to place your desk in NE corner of your room

DO always sit where you can see the door and anyone entering the room easily

DO try to face one of your AD

DO keep a bright light turned on here to enhance your education luck

DO hang a lead crystal from the ceiling here, or place rock crystals in this corner of the room and in the NE corner of the desk for better study concentration

DO add a globe to this location to improve test scores and success in school


Place in East corner if wood

Place in West corner if metallic-colored, or if painted white, silver, or gold

Place in North if black or blue

Place in SE if green

Place in South or SW if red, orange, purple


Place phone in the NW corner of room to bring more helpful people into your life.

Keep stereo playing on low volume while you are away to keep energy active in your room and attract helpful people to you.


Mirrors: Not recommended in the bedroom. If used, make sure you cannot see yourself from the bed.

Lamps: Place one in the south (fame and recognition; a lava lamp is great here!), the NE (educational luck), and the SW (to help you with your sweetie or bring one if you don't have one already -- lava lamps are also great here,too!). The lamps will energize these areas.

Pictures: Make sure are these positive images that make you happy. Violence, dark, or brooding-types of pictures are not suitable for a place of rest and relaxation.

Troubles with mom and dad? Place a happy picture of your family in the East corner of your room to help these relationships become easier and more harmonious.

Looking for a new love? Place a picture of your heart's desire in the SW to help this relationship -- or to encourage a new one relationship, place a picture of your "ideal" person here.

Bulletin boards: Hang these on the south wall of your room. Pin pictures of famous people, letters of recognition, awards, ribbons, or certificates here for more added recognition any kind of accomplishment is perfect for this location.

A light that illuminates this area is especially helpful! Place trophies on a shelf in this location for continued success and recognition. Paint this board red for an extra boost in recognition energy!

Ceiling fans: not recommended because they displace body energy while sleeping; if used, place small red dot on each blade.

Clutter: If you don't feel well or you're having troubles in your life, clear your space. Get a box and do a thorough cleaning out. This doesn't mean you have to throw things away.

That's some hope for U...2009

when i was surfing the net, i found something...that may change your life...i mean better... But actually the most important things is your point of view... If you always think that you are the one whose luck is very good everyday, You will be the one who is the luckiest... so think for the brighter way... and trust yourself
i don't know whether the following information is true... so...
Decorate this sector with a vase of growing plants filled with water in your bedroom to enhance both romance & academic endeavors.

Place a table lamp or install a light bulb in the East sector of your living hall or office to improve financial luck. You can also place a cup of water to increase both your financial luck and attract helpful people. 

Place your own photographs or items made of metal in this sector of your room or office to improve both career luck and business deal. In addition, place a cup of water besides to increase financial luck.

You may place a metal clock or Wind chimes that is associated with metal element in this location. This is also a sector that develops good human relationships and romance.

This location indicates accidents, illness and bad luck of all kinds. Decorate this sector with items that are associated with metal element to suppress its negative energy.

This location indicates accidents, illness. Decorate this sector with items that are associated with metal element to suppress its negative energy.

Locations that brings gossip, accidents, financial losses, burglary and robbery. Avoid placing items associated with metal element in this sector. You may place a bowl of water to weaken its negative force and at the same time, enhance personal luck especially for sales oriented individual.

Locations that is associated with human conflict / poor relationship. You may place a Standing Lamp that represent fire to weaken its disturbance force
LUCKY COLOUR:  red , yellow
!!!!remember, always think that you are the one and the only one who is the best in the world!

Monday, January 19, 2009

National service...wHy Me?

OHOHOHOH!!! Why me? why me?!!

I don't want to attend this National Service... but don't know why i was chosen... is the government choose me or the school?

i think this program really makes me sad... and i totally don't relax during this holiday...

i always think abt it...and sob everyday... and now i can't concentrate in anything...

i really don't know how to 'Skip' this NS...and i hope that somebody can help me...

if there anyone here also have to attend this NS? i think this NS really is a waste of time... and i think i have no other choice and have to study form i need some preparation before it's start... if i go NS, how am i going to prepare? 

After i get my SPM result, i have to attend this camp!!!

"oh, it's so great and we can enjoy ourselves there", said XXX... but do u think funs is so important in our lives? succeed in our lives is more important... and if we go there after SPM result and how am i going to plan according to my result...yaya you may say that now you plan first...BUT i don't know how many A's i am going to have .. and how can i apply for scholarship or even others? and remember that if u didn't prepare for the form 6, how can u catch up in your form 6? what fun la...what relax la!!! CHE!

some people may said that we can learn more things ... but learn what? learn how to recognize the tree? the tree may help you when u are loss or during the war... HAHAH! Malaysia is a peaceful country... but if world war happen?... if this sentence come out, this people is really katak di bawah tempurung... if world war happen,  are we going to use army? other country use BOM lo and where got peoplke use army?... and the money can be  used in inventing other boms or shield or protect our country  or in the technology ... 

and many reasons.....but i lazy to write

i have a suggetion...the government should select the students who are good at their academic but KOKO.... NS points can help them to apply scholarship or university ... but i am active in KOKO !!! Haiz... don't know lah...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


i play this games since i don't know how many years old i am... coz...i didn't play this games for a long time... and now, i got nothing to bored, so i have to play this game....

although this game is quite childish and for the children, i feel it was quite educational... but not for me la... 

if someone already hv nothing to do... plz try this game lol....but my sister said tht in his university, there are a lot of people are still playing this game... don't know y? try it...  sign up and tell me o..

what should i do?

after spm, i really don't know where should i stand... 

means don't where should i go after spm... form 6? college? a level? Don't know la.... want to cry...

i don't know who i am where i am.. so? how ? i also don't know my interest ...

some of my friends now are studying lol... some are in inti... a good college...

almost everyone already have their own plan... some are now taking cambridge or british council courses...i think they are preparing for the oversea...but actually i also go for english tuition too...but i don't plan for overseas yet... some are applying for teacher... all of them already plan and know what are their future... after analysing, most of my friends want to become a teacher... some of them now already become a kindergarten teacher...some are teaching tuition... so fast 

but me?.... i heard tht form 6 is tooooooo taff for us... especially MUET... don't know la.... but all my subject are so a? college need money wor... so any suggestion? i need ur advice...

highway for new driver...

today, i took my parent for lunch in lunas.... the lunas duck rice is quite famous la..

i hit the road from 2.15 pm ...

wow!!! i am so scare... so many cars on the road but i am quite lucky coz no accident occur...besides tht, 2.15pm is not a peak hour so can drive my car slowly ( 80 km/h)...HAHAH 

undeniably, most of the people are so kiasu today... when i drive was going to slow down, all the cars at the back cut my car... OH... i just had my licence yesterday and now is just a new new new driver... and how can they treat me like tht! so kiasu! i nearly cry ya...But, i know people always say tht look at the mirror before u criticize others... yaya...actually i also cut  a bas, a lorry and a cars today... quite happy...

at the same time, my ear were not pleased!!! " watch out! WEI !! " Ohhhh... my concentration was needed but my parent were strive to shout... like i was trying to kill them...( maybe my skill was so XXX...)

Finally, we reach our destination...

Oops... the shop already close... coz too late...HAHAA just kidding...

2.30pm----- i reach there.... then we eat our lunch lool...

when we started to enjoyed our lunch, i felt so happy coz i thought tht i was not the one who hv to drive back...however, when i was at the seventh heaven, my dad forced me to drive back... AAH....when i came back to my house and going to open my gate, i felt something strange... 'BokBokBuuuu' wat's tht sound... my car engine was too hot and nearly explode.... so now i ... 

Friday, January 16, 2009


Before SPM, i think that i can really rest and sleep at the seventh heaven... do what i want... sleep until satisfy...

However, it is not as success as i expected!

Rushing everyday... oh... maybe someday i will really faint on the road...

Rushing here and there for what? only for the driving licence.... licence P 

i had to attend the theory classes... Boring! and i actually didn't know what he is trying to say...

what make me happy is during the practical... i was praised my my teacher every lesson... haha!! maybe i am too good in driving? actually i don't think so... maybe i am charming Gua...

At first, my heart nearly jump out of my body coz  my teacher wanted me to drive from my house to the centre of the car learning... so scare... i heart never rest and i think it's speed is faster than my car along the exiting!!

Finally, i pass ... i will get my driving licence tonight!!   : )

Mr. New User

I am wondering whether i should have my own blog for about 2 years... it's quite long...Well,  i finally make it. I am the new user and still new in this blogging it's welcome to add your comments here... thx

MAybe my blog will be verrrrrry boring but i just want to  share my experience, vital informations or express wat i feel... Anyway, i will try my best to heavenward your soul when you are sit in front of this blogger.

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